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Why Vidyaratna internation school ?

Most parents wonder Which is the best kids nursery school near me? ‘How safe and hygienic is the play school near me for kids? Vidyaratna internation school with its “Child First” philosophy and a new-age Mindful Curriculum, emphasizes that the child will Play, Learn and Grow to imbibe essential life skills through exploration and discovery. At Vidyaratna internation school, we are redefining early child care education with focus on providing a fun-based learning environment. Our ‘Child-First’ ideology at the core of our pedagogy enables us to ensure your child’s development, safety and engagement needs are met in a home like environment. This 360-degree engagement makes vidyaratna kindergarden Your Child’s Second Home!

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Importance of early childhood care & education

Each child is endowed with a unique potential – an infinite one. Our pedagogy, iLLUME, is designed to help the child realize their unique abilities in a systematic, synergetic, and self-paced manner. Through iLLUME, we help the children to discover their own individual learning style and achieve the desired learning outcomes, in sync with the high-level social, emotional, linguistic, and other developmental milestones.

  • A pioneer in Early Childhood Care and Education

  • Our pedagogy, Interactive iLLUME, is designed to help the children realize their unique abilities in a systematic, synergetic, and self-paced manner.

  • We envision, nurture, develop, and enable today's children as tomorrow's leaders.

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Bhavana Dhamal (C.E.O)

MBA (pgdm) Hr.

Hello, and welcome to ‘Rahi Shikshan Swastha' under this “Vidyaratan Intrnational School” which is started with pre primary school. I hope you all support us, as of now we are starting with four classes and it is my responsibility to translate and share my knowledge and vivid experiences to larger communities. Here who are anxiously looking forward to see their bids blossom into beautiful flowers.

Including the right values and providing the right experience in a graded manner. Yet retaining the innocence their childhood is indeed a difficult task but can be attained through careful and thoughtful planning.

We need to encompass caring and education creative learning and self confidence in an environment designed. Specifically for those little ones it has been desire to mould and shape their lives into beautiful vessels, so that grow up and sow seeds of blessing whatever they are planted.

Thank you.

Our Benefits

Our Mindful curriculum is designed to help your child learn & enhance life skills with specially crafted multi-level school programs. Vidyaratna school's curriculum for playgroup, nursery, junior kg and senior kg is full of fun activities for the kids. Musical experiences, storytelling, healthy mix of indoor & outdoor play ensures your child gets the best pre-school experience possible.

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Our Mission

To achieve the best education standards in Pre-School, we have struck a balance between the Eastern culture and western competitive standards which will prepare a winning generation for the 21st century. At vidyaratna, we strive towards self-awareness, curiosity, innovation, perseverance, passion, adaption and courageous learning, the same values we aspire our students to achieve. We work seamlessly as one team to ensure every learning moment for our children is joyful and meaningful.


Our Vision

vidyaratna International School's vision is to ignite human greatness in each child by identifying and nurturing each child's unique gift. We envision today’s children as tomorrow’s leadership icons. We have impacted a milestone departure from the teacher-led to the child-centric. Our learning environment enables each child to realize their unique learning style, while our MI-aided methodology helps them discover their own creative and aesthetic potential.